Gnadenfrei Wines

An ethereal experience

Gnadenfrei is brimming with life; this is a special corner of the Barossa.
These wines are an expression of the land, and the energy found here. They will continue to evolve in the cellar for decades to come, radiating the spirit of Gnadenfrei for all who experience them, establishing a connection that goes beyond the sensory.

Gnadenfrei White

Grenache Blanc

Gnadenfrei North brings together ancient soils, native wildlife and cosmic forces. Our job is to preserve and enrich this environment without getting in the way of Mother Nature.

Nestled in a tight valley on Gnadenfrei North, this is a vineyard of great beauty framed by ancient blue gums, standing sentry. A nesting pair of Brown Falcons - noble birds of prey - act as guardians for the precious fruit, protecting it from flocks of starlings keen to feast.

We have immortalised these Falcons on the Gnadenfrei White label, both to recognise their role in the vineyard's ecosystem, and as testament to our role as fellow guardians of this ancient land.

This wine emulates the site's beauty, with a tease of texture from stalks and richness from time ageing in amphora. This wine is perfectly poised and incredibly sophisticated.

Gnadenfrei Red I

Grenache - Shiraz - Mourvédre

Gnadenfrei South represents the resilience of nature that evolves slow, steady and unstoppable through generations of custodians. The Tscharke family have looked after this plot of land for the past century, establishing the first vineyard here early in the 1900s. Nature is going to manifest herself through these vines, long after we are gone and the gate we built has turned into ruins.

A single site blend from Gandenfrei South, it embodies the three staple varieties that bear more than 170 years of history in the Barossa Valley. Planted on soils that continually give rise to wines that sit above the rest.

This wine is calm and mesmerising, there is both power and restraint. In a magical way, it continually unveils itself as you savour every sip. This wine is tempting to drink, but careful cellaring will allow it to blossom. 

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Up next: The Vineyard Collection


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