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Tscharke’s Place, home to Tscharke estate grown and crafted wines and Tscharke Barossa Pottery. Visionaries Damien and Eva Tscharke have created a unique space that’s sustainable, a reflection of their family origin and is a welcoming and enjoyable place to be in.

Perched on the gentle rugged slopes of Marananga, Western Ridge, Barossa, the traditional German style timber build didn’t happen overnight. 2 years in the planning and 14 months to complete, the doors to Tscharke’s Place quietly opened for the first time in September 2011. The tasting space has evolved a little since then and like all good things will continue to do so.

Damien and Eva have perfectly merged their passions for wine and pottery to create their own slice of paradise. It’s a life style choice; winemaking is all about maximising yields and quality by minimising inputs from their viticulture practices. Their signature style is all about texture, restraint and elegance, not just weight. Eva’s pottery is handcrafted from stoneware clay, with a real focus on functionality and quality for each piece. The stoneware is used everyday in the tasting room – a testament to its beauty and durability. Additional pieces always on display in the upstairs gallery.

Visitors to Tscharke’s Place engage in a tasting journey, exploring emerging Mediterranean varieties and Barossa regional classics all whilst learning a little about Tscharke’s sustainable viticultural practises along the way. The experience wouldn’t be complete without a story or two of the Tscharke family’s 150 year history within the township of Marananga and Barossa surrounds.


Damien Tscharke

The ‘visionary’ of Tscharke, sixth generation farmer and vigneron Damien makes the most of his special place in Western Barossa. Graduating in 2000 with a Masters in viticulture and a degree in winemaking, the past 16 years has seen Damien take the winery to new levels, earning national recognition for raising the bar in progressive and sustainable winemaking practices in the Barossa Valley.

Damien’s first passion is the vineyards, when not tending the soil and vines or in the winery, you will on occasion catch him behind the bar at Tscharke’s Place.

Eva Tscharke

Born in Germany Eva met local boy Damien Tscharke when holidaying in the Barossa. The rest as they say is history…Damien and Eva married in August 2009 and now with their young family call Barossa home.

2009 saw Eva complete her three-year pottery apprenticeship in Germany. With her Seppeltsfield studio in the Barossa now firmly established, Eva is kept busy with production and all things administrative for Tscharke.

Kylie Bond

The youngest of the Tscharke family, Kylie joined the winemaking team in 2012 as Cellar Manager. Not one to rest on her laurels, Kylie has risen to the challenge; her attention to detail and high standards has the winery running like clockwork.

Kylie also turns her hand to our garden and surrounds; her green thumb is definitely evident along the path leading to Tscharke’s Place.

At times it’s hard to imagine that Kylie spent her early years as a cook and pastry chef; that is until you try some of her amazing baked delights.

Michael Dier

Truly our longest standing team member, Michael joined us in 2004. Being a broad acre farmer in Tanunda and a long time grower for Rockford Wines, Michael enjoys all things farming.

As tough as old boots and with a solid work ethic, there’s not much Michael can’t turn his hand to.

When not working with the Tscharke team, you can find Michael tending his own vineyards and farm.

Darko Zegarac

Darko joined the Tasting Room team in May 2015; a city boy with a passion for country life and all things Barossan.

With a strong background in customer service, Darko’s welcoming smile and enthusiasm for telling the Tscharke story will quickly have you at ease.

There’s nothing better than good conversation over a glass of wine or two…

Billie the Wine Dog at Tscharke


Billie joined the team early November 2015 and has been a great hit in cellar door. She is a toy poodle and loves the attention lavished upon her. During the working week Billie is keen to be out in the vineyards and in the winery, there’s just something about the open spaces.


Delivery / Freight

Q: For the $16.00 freight, is a carton 6 bottles or 12?

A: We charge a very modest $16.00 per carton, which can be 1 bottle up to 12 bottles.

For example:

3 bottles purchased = 1 x $16.00 delivery

6 bottles purchased = 1 x $16.00 delivery

8 bottles purchased = 1 x $16.00 delivery

12 bottles purchased = 1 x $16.00 delivery

18 bottles purchased = 2 cartons, therefore charged at 2 x $16.00 delivery

24 bottles purchased = 2 cartons, therefore charged at 2 x $16.00 delivery

36 bottles purchased = 3 cartons, therefore charged at 3 x $16.00 delivery

Wines and Pricing

Q: How have you managed to keep the pricing so reasonable?

A: It’s a life style choice; for us, winemaking is all about maximising yields and quality by minimising inputs from our viticulture practices. We’d like (Tscharke Wines) to be in your home every day, for that to happen the wines need to be very accessible

Q: How do I create a journal of Tscharke wines?

A: Simply sign up, log in and place an order via the website and you’re on your way to creating a journal.  The detail(s) will be stored and appended to your profile, meaning you have access to every past order when you log in. A great tool if you want to reorder the same again but can’t recall every item.

Q: Love the names of your wines, who comes up with them and what do they mean?

A: Ah, Damien has given each of the emerging varietal wines a stage name, making it fun for everyone. Not wanting to give too much away, each of these wines has a family story behind it. You’ll just have to call in to cellar door and let us take you on that journey.

Q: Are the grapes from here?

A: They most certainly are. Tscharke are a true estate winery with around 40 hectares of vines split across three vineyard sites. They’re all within 2 kms of each other and all within the Marananga area.

Q: Are you Organic?

A: Whilst not certified organic, we engage in organic farming principles, these form part of our holistic approach to grape growing. Our wines are vegan friendly, with no animal or dairy products being used in our processing, we don’t filter and we don’t fine. All wines are produced using techniques requiring minimal intervention.

Cellar Door and the Private Tasting Space

Q: Do you do functions and weddings?

A: The downstairs space at cellar door is primarily for our Private Bread and Wine Tasting Experience. Advance bookings required and conditions apply download our Bread & Wine Experience flyer

We’re primarily a cellar door with limited resources and space to accommodate private functions or weddings. We’re more than happy though to extend our Private Bread and Wine tasting experience as a pre wedding / function experience.

Q: What is the table made from and how did you get it into the room?

A: The table and bench seating is made from Red Gum, the tree being sourced from Flaxman’s Valley here in the Barossa.

Q: Do you do food or platters?

A: We offer Barossa Bark with our tastings and on occasion house made bread and wild olive oil.

Q: Why have you hidden the cellar door building from the road?

A: We’re still of the belief that life is a journey of discovery, and that we still have some hidden treasures in the Barossa. Now that you’ve discovered Tscharke’s Place, hopefully you feel the same.

Q: Has this building been renovated?

A: Tscharke’s Place is a new build, 2 years in planning and 14 months to construct. The doors opened to the public on 30/09/2011

Q: Was the cellar door built in Germany?

A: In a sense, yes we can say the cellar door was built in Germany. Three different German manufacturers were engaged for the building materials; 1. timber, 2. double glazed doors and windows, 3. roof tiles and pavers. 3 x 40’ shipping containers arrived with the majority of the building materials allowing construction to commence



By its very nature our pottery is non-porous and while this means the pieces are very strong it does make them sensitive to a sudden change in temperature. Our pottery should therefore not be exposed to a naked flame or a preheated oven.

Over time you might notice a fine development of crazing caused by sudden temperature changes and pressures between the clay and the glaze. This beautiful fine pattern will not affect the functionality or longevity of the piece.

Yes, our pottery can go in the dishwasher! Thanks to the high firing temperature of 1280°C the non porous clay and very hard glaze are perfectly fine to use in your dishwasher.

Available At:

Tscharke’s Place
376 Seppeltsfield Road
SA 5360

Open from 10am to 5pm,
closed Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

Pottery at Tscharke

July 2009 saw Eva Tscharke complete her three-year German based pottery apprenticeship. Establishing a studio in Seppeltsfield, Barossa being the next step. It’s been the perfect base from which to produce quality, everyday, functional stoneware.

In 2010, Susanna Brown, a local fellow potter joined the team. Susanna’s enthusiasm, pottery knowledge, fresh ideas and a can-do attitude are pivotal to the continued growth of Tscharke Barossa Pottery.

The pottery is produced from stoneware clay and fired at 1280°C giving the finished product an almost porcelain quality. A real focus is given to the functionality and quality of the pieces. Select pieces are incorporated into the tasting experience at Tscharke’s Place, a testament to their beauty and durability.

When next in the Barossa, visit our pottery gallery located on the mezzanine level at Tscharke’s Place, it’s a tactile experience so we encourage you look and touch – all items are available for purchase. We look forward to seeing you soon.