Sustainable Practice


Tscharke are NASAA Certified Producers (NCO 5504) and Processors (NCO 5504P) of organic wine. The ability to grow and make wine without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and wine making additives ensures our vineyards and wines remain clean and healthy. Our approach to organic farming ensures we do not compromise on productivity, nor the quality of our wines. This demands discipline, but the reward delivers vineyards and wines brimming with purity and life. 


Our most recent chapter into the journey of grape growing and wine making takes on the highest of organic orders, with biodynamic (BD) practice. Developed by Rudolf Steiner, the principles and practices behind BD represent the most spiritual and holistically orientated approach to agriculture.

Winery Efficiencies

Our winery and warehouse have been built around a desire to minimise waste and energy inputs. Powered by solar energy, our demands are almost entirely met by the sun. Waste water management has been integrated with stormwater harvesting to supplement vineyard irrigation, and during vintage our grape marc is composted and incorporated back into our vineyards. The warehouse is cooled by harvesting our region's nippy night-time air, mitigating need for refrigeration and enabling us to harness our natural, self-replenishing recourses.

Grape Varieties

The best wines are made from the healthiest vines, and these are typically those grape varieties naturally adapted to our region’s climate. Today we encourage wine styles produced from grape varieties that perform best in arid and warm to hot conditions. We've a strong focus on the southern Rhone varietals, and advocate the planting of Mediterranean red grape varieties.

Light Weight Packaging

Minimising packing helps reduce our carbon footprint. All of our wines are bottled in locally sourced, light weight glass. We encourage you all to recycle your waste when enjoying our wines, and thank you for your support in doing so.