Vineyard Collection

A capsule collection celebrating the beauty, complexity and intruige of the Stone Well vineyard.

Our Vineyard Collection honours the wines produced from our Stone Well Vineyard. Here, the vibrancy and fertility of the clay and limestone soils belay their ancient lineage, while the vigour of the vines produce intensely concentrated wines with layer upon layer of texture and flavour.

Stone Well Grenache

Grenache on the gentle north-westerly slope of our Stone Well vineyard ripens to great intensity. The clay soils translate into a dominant fruit drive, while careful viticultural and winemaking practises emphasise the naturally spiced nuances of this varietal. Elegantly powerful.

Stone Well Mataro

Stone Well Mataro grows on a westerly facing site where the clay top soils sit on a limestone substrate. In this harder, less fertile soil the vines produce fruit of restraint and minerality. Vinification encourages these earthy and spicy characteristic while carefully retaining the dark fruit sub-tones. Broodingly complex.

Stone Well Shiraz

These Shiraz vines grow on a northerly facing plot. Maximum exposure to sunlight and healthy soils deliver fruit of great concentration and ripe tannins. Our job is to tame this intensity by harvesting timely and take advantage of ripe skins, stalks and seeds during vinification to add layers upon layers of texture and flavour.

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Up next: The Lifestyle Collection


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