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Romance with Grenache


Our relationship with Grenache has blossomed into true love. It was bound to.

We have bestowed it with such affection that it has Eva questioning where my faithfulness truly lies. Our cellar has never been so enriched with astonishing wines derived from Grenache. The calmness of Winter has provided time to reflect, and remarkably for a season that challenged our confidence with drought, heat and fires, Grenache has provided so much light on the future of grape growing.

If you haven’t realised by now, we here at Tscharke are fanatical about Grenache, and this superb 6-pack is dedicated to the Number One red grape variety in the World (… well at least our World). 

This limited offering is destined to satisfy your underlying appreciation for sophisticated wines, without the rowdiness of competing heavy red varietals. And needing little persuasion, Marco and I invite your palate to experience a wine from one of our favourite producers of the Rhône Valley; Famille Perrin. 

This illustrious selection brings together a number of exciting variations of Grenache, in particular our Distinction and a great example of Côtes Du Rhône.

So much romance for so small a package. Enjoy.

  • 2013 SV Gnadenfrei Grenache
  • 2016 SV Gnadenfrei Grenache
  • 2018 Estate Grenache / Mataro
  • 2018 Distinction Grenache
  • 2020 Estate Rosé, Grenache
  • 2017 Côtes du Rhône, Famille Perrin