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Welcome to the Tscharke portfolio.
Here, we have gathered together all of our wines, along with tasting notes,
vineyard information and the stories behind the labels.

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Gnadenfrei collection

The Gnadenfrei vineyard represents the pinnacle of our vineyard holdings. This rugged, ethereal site produces wines of finesse, poise and extraordinary character – wines that are honoured to bear the flagship Gnadenfrei label.

Gnadenfrei White

Gnadenfrei Red I

The Single Vineyards Collection

A celebration of the beauty, complexity and intrigue of the Stone Well vineyard, our Single Vineyards Collection honours the wines produced from this beautiful property.

Stone Well Grenache

Stone Well Mataro

Stone Well Shiraz

The Lifestyle Collection

Introducing our firm favourites for daily enjoyment. Wines bursting with flavour and personality, and crafted as expressions of the Tscharke lifestyle – great wine and good times.


Mourvèdre Shiraz Grenache, the three essential elements of the Barossa

A thing of beauty

So much life in this wine jumping out of the glass

Shiraz Shiraz Shiraz

Uncomplicated, honest, delicious

Estate Grenache Mataro

A wine of synergies and balance

Girl Talk

Lively, aromatic and beautiful

Grenache Rosé

A floral, bright rosé; dry and textural

The Master

Modern, vibrant, easy-drinking


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Up next: the vineyards of Tscharke Up next: the vineyards of Tscharke

Up next: the vineyards of Tscharke