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Wines of terroir and character

Gnadenfrei White

Gnadenfrei North brings together ancient soils, native life and cosmic forces. Our job is to preserve and enrich this environment without getting in the way of Mother Nature. Like the brown falcons hovering over our precious vines, we are watchful guardians of this unique vineyard.

Gnadenfrei Red I

Gnadenfrei South represents the resilience of nature that evolves slow, steady and unstoppable through generations of custodians. The Tscharke family have looked after this plot of land for the past century, establishing the first vineyard. Nature is going to manifest herself through these vines, long after we are gone and the gate we built has turned into ruins.

Stone Well Grenache

Grenache on the gentle north-westerly slope of our Stone Well vineyard ripens to great intensity. The clay soils translate into a dominant fruit drive, while careful viticultural and winemaking practises emphasise the naturally spiced nuances of this varietal. Elegantly powerful.

Stone Well Mataro

Stone Well Mataro grows on a westerly facing site where the clay top soils sit on a limestone substrate. In this harder, less fertile soil the vines produce fruit of restraint and minerality. Vinification encourages these earthy and spicy characteristic while carefully retaining the dark fruit sub-tones. Broodingly complex.

Stone Well Shiraz

These Shiraz vines grow on a northerly facing plot. Maximum exposure to sunlight and healthy soils deliver fruit of great concentration and ripe tannins. Our job is to tame this intensity by harvesting timely and take advantage of ripe skins, stalks and seeds during vinification to add layers upon layers of texture and flavour.

A thing of beauty

So much life in this wine jumping out of the glass

Estate Shiraz

Old world spice meets new world intensity

Estate Grenache Mataro

A wine of synergies and balance

Shiraz Shiraz Shiraz

Uncomplicated, honest, delicious

Girl Talk, Savagnin/Albariño

Lively, aromatic and beautiful

Grenache Rosé

A floral, bright rosé; dry and textural

The Master, Montepulciano

Modern, vibrant, easy-drinking


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